Thierry Mettier

Thierry Mettier Thierry Mettier Thierry Mettier

Thierry Mettier works a style that recalls the lyric abstraction. His pantings invites into a journey throught a fantastic universe. From a young age, he attended art school: wich triggered him into his artistic style, where he visited his new figurative style. After, during the years de years of personal research and artistic education, he explored several techniques of painting until he acquired the domain to give free rein to his imagination.

Thierry MettierThierry MettierThierry Mettier Fashion

The work of Kandinsky, his books about abstract art and his musical focus of his art feed the evolution of his art, besides the influence of artist Luc Simon, which their encounter took him to change his point of veiw and to build his painting.